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About Us

The vision for Apertus Solutions is twofold, to provide an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) type relationship to customers for open source based solutions while reciprocating meaningful contributions back to the open source community. To achieve this Apertus Solutions provides support for open source software (FOSS) and open source hardware solutions that includes but not limited to research, development, customization, integration, troubleshooting, and testing of open source solutions. Some notable experience for Apertus Solutions includes but not limited to:

  • Trusted Systems research
  • Wireless networking
  • Distributed storage
  • Linux kernel development
  • Embedded systems

Site Content

All media content on this site was either created by Apertus Solutions or was confirmed to be licensed as Open Source. Apertus Solutions strived to ensure compliance with the license terms for each work and has provided original attribution along with license in the alternate text for each media. If for some reason you feel Apertus Solutions is not compliant with the licensing terms, please notify us so that it can be rectified.

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